Secondhand Savvy: Finding Treasures for Your Small Kitchen at Thrift Stores

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Are you a thrift store enthusiast looking for the best places to score some amazing finds? Well, look no further! We have curated a list of the top thrift stores in two vibrant cities – Portland and Boston. From fashionable clothing to unique home decor, these stores have it all.

Portland Thrift Store Delights

Thrift store in Portland

Portland, known for its quirky and creative culture, is home to some incredible thrift stores. Here are the top 10 thrift stores you should definitely check out:

1. Thrift World

Thrift World

Located in the heart of the city, Thrift World offers a wide range of clothing, accessories, and household items. Whether you’re looking for vintage pieces or trendy modern finds, this store has it all. The best part? The prices are incredibly affordable, allowing you to revamp your wardrobe without breaking the bank.

2. Retro Rave

Retro Rave

Step back in time at Retro Rave, a thrift store specializing in all things retro. From funky clothing to vintage home decor, this store will transport you to another era. Whether you’re hunting for a unique costume or want to add a nostalgic touch to your home, Retro Rave is the place to be.

3. Hidden Gems

Hidden Gems

Are you a treasure hunter? Look no further than Hidden Gems. This thrift store prides itself on offering a curated selection of one-of-a-kind items. With a constantly changing inventory, you never know what gem you’ll come across. From antique furniture to unique artwork, Hidden Gems will satisfy even the pickiest of thrifters.

4. Thrift Haven

Thrift Haven

Thrift Haven is a true haven for thrift store enthusiasts. This large and well-organized store offers a wide variety of clothing, shoes, accessories, books, and household items. With its friendly staff and affordable prices, Thrift Haven is a go-to spot for locals and visitors alike.

5. Vintage Vibes

Vintage Vibes

If you’re a fan of all things vintage, Vintage Vibes is the place for you. This charming thrift store houses an impressive collection of retro clothing and accessories. From high-waisted jeans to flowy floral dresses, you’ll find plenty of options to express your unique style. Don’t forget to browse their selection of vintage jewelry and handbags!

6. The Thrifty Cauldron

The Thrifty Cauldron

Calling all Harry Potter fans! The Thrifty Cauldron combines the love for thrifting with the magical world of Harry Potter. This whimsical thrift store offers a selection of wizard-themed clothing, accessories, and collectibles. Channel your inner wizard or witch as you browse through their racks of spellbinding fashion.

7. Second Chances

Second Chances

Second Chances is not just a thrift store; it’s a second chance at finding incredible deals. This store supports a local nonprofit organization, and all proceeds go towards helping individuals in need. With its wide range of clothing, furniture, and household items, you can both shop and make a positive impact in the community.

8. Thriftopia


Enter a world of thrift store paradise at Thriftopia. This store has it all, from vintage clothing to modern fashion finds. Known for its friendly staff and welcoming atmosphere, Thriftopia makes every shopping trip an enjoyable experience. Don’t forget to explore their sections dedicated to books, vinyl records, and collectibles!

9. Hidden Treasures

Hidden Treasures

As the name suggests, Hidden Treasures is a thrift store filled with unexpected treasures. From vintage clothing to unique home decor, this store is a hidden gem itself. Take your time as you browse through their aisles, and you might just stumble upon your next favorite item.

10. Thrift Haven II

Thrift Haven II

If you can’t get enough of Thrift Haven, you’re in luck! Thrift Haven II, a sister store to the original, offers the same great deals and finds. With a different selection of items and a unique vibe, this store is worth a visit. Expand your thrift store adventure by exploring Thrift Haven II!

Boston’s Thrift Store Extravaganza

Thrift store in Boston

Boston, a city rich in history and culture, is also home to some fantastic thrift stores. Here are 14 thrift stores in and around Boston that you should add to your shopping itinerary:

1. ReVamp


Step into ReVamp and prepare to be amazed. This upscale thrift store offers a curated collection of high-end fashion labels and designer pieces. From Chanel handbags to Gucci shoes, you’ll find luxury fashion at a fraction of the original cost. Go ahead and indulge in some guilt-free shopping!

2. The Garment District

The Garment District

The Garment District is a vintage lover’s paradise. This massive thrift store is packed with racks of retro clothing from various decades. Whether you’re looking for a vintage band t-shirt or a glamorous sequined dress, you’re bound to find something that captures your style and makes a statement.

3. Boomerangs


Shopping for a cause? Boomerangs is a thrift store with a philanthropic twist. This nonprofit organization supports local initiatives and aims to make a positive impact in the community. From clothing to furniture, their wide selection of quality items will have you coming back for more. It’s guilt-free shopping with a purpose!

4. Urban Renewals

Urban Renewals

If you’re on the hunt for vintage finds, Urban Renewals is a must-visit. This quirky thrift store is known for its vast selection of retro clothing and accessories. From bell-bottom jeans to psychedelic prints, you’ll be transported back in time as you browse through their unique offerings.

5. Poor Little Rich Girl

Poor Little Rich Girl

Looking for high-end designer pieces without the high price tag? Poor Little Rich Girl is the place to go. This boutique-style thrift store offers a curated collection of gently used designer clothing, shoes, and accessories. From Tory Burch to Kate Spade, you’ll find top-notch fashion at affordable prices.

6. The Closet

The Closet

Tucked away in Cambridge, The Closet is a hidden gem for thrift store enthusiasts. This vintage and secondhand store offers a wide range of clothing, jewelry, and home decor. With its laid-back atmosphere and quality items, The Closet is a favorite among locals who appreciate sustainable fashion.

7. Oona’s


Oona’s is a treasure trove of fashion finds. This consignment boutique features an array of designer clothing and accessories for women. From elegant cocktail dresses to stylish handbags, you’ll find designer pieces that will elevate your wardrobe. Don’t miss out on their carefully curated selection!

8. Second Time Around

Second Time Around

Second Time Around is perfect for those seeking quality designer pieces at a fraction of the retail price. This consignment store offers a diverse collection of pre-loved fashion in excellent condition. From Burberry coats to Jimmy Choo heels, you’ll find luxury fashion that won’t break the bank.

9. The Closet Exchange

The Closet Exchange

If you’re a fan of consignment shopping, The Closet Exchange is a must-visit. This store features a constantly changing inventory of gently used clothing, shoes, and accessories. With its affordable prices and quality items, you can revamp your wardrobe without emptying your wallet.

10. Mint Julep

Mint Julep

Looking for trendy and fashionable finds? Mint Julep is the place to be. This consignment store offers a curated selection of contemporary women’s clothing and accessories. From stylish dresses to statement jewelry, their items will keep you in vogue without breaking the bank.

11. Covet


If you have a weakness for luxury fashion, Covet is the perfect store for you. This upscale consignment boutique specializes in high-end designer pieces for women. From Chanel to Fendi, you’ll find coveted fashion items that will make you feel like a million bucks.

12. The Consignment Shop

The Consignment Shop

The Consignment Shop is a favorite among Bostonians looking for quality secondhand fashion. With its well-curated selection of clothing, shoes, and accessories, this store offers something for everyone. Get ready to score some amazing deals on brands like Michael Kors, Coach, and more.

13. Cambridge Antique Market

Cambridge Antique Market

Antique lovers, rejoice! The Cambridge Antique Market is a mecca for vintage and antique enthusiasts. With four floors packed with vendors selling everything from furniture to collectibles, you’ll have a field day exploring this treasure trove. Find that perfect vintage piece to add character to your space.

14. Artifaktori


Artifaktori is a haven for those seeking unique and eclectic fashion finds. This vintage boutique offers a collection of retro clothing, accessories, and jewelry with a distinctive style. Whether you’re looking for a vintage band t-shirt or a 1950s swing dress, Artifaktori has you covered.

So, there you have it – the best thrift stores in Portland and Boston. Whether you’re a seasoned thrifter or new to the world of secondhand shopping, these stores offer endless opportunities to find hidden treasures and express your personal style. Happy thrifting!

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